About me

About Me

Hey Yall! My name is Janelle, I’m Southern and I see every day as a day to play dress up! I love flowy dresses, bright colors, and eye-grabbing prints. I describe myself as a fixer, sewist, fabric hoarder, dressmaker and just overall DIY’er. When I’m not sewing you can usually find me messing around in skin care products or massage oils. I’m the owner of Naomae Stitch as well as The Lotus Journey.

I am originally from Charlotte NC where I reside with my husband. I have also lived in Chapel Hill NC (I’m a true Tar Heel) and College Park GA. I love to travel and I love to create!

Inspiration Behind Naomae Stitch

Growing up whenever I tore a seam or busted a hem I could always run to either grandmother and ask them to fix it. My maternal grandmother had a sewing basket with all her needles & thread supplies always on hand. My paternal grandmother had a sewing kit and even boasted about how she made clothes for her sisters and cousins when she was younger. Fast forward to 2013 where I purchased a sewing machine in order to alter a few clothing items that I did not want to part with but they were too big. I did not want to dump this task on either grandparent or an alterations shop. In order to learn how to use my machine when it arrived, I packed it up and took it with me to a sewing class. The class taught me how to thread the machine, basic stitches, cutting fabric, reading a pattern, basic techniques and by the end, we made pillows and pajamas. Once I mastered the basics I was on my way to fixing all my too-big clothes so that I would not have to spend money buying new things. I could not wait to show both grandparents that I could now do the very things I depended on them for when I was younger. Once I saw my ability to expand on these new concepts and techniques I began making my own dresses, skirts, swimsuit cover-ups, pillows etc. I was often asked why I do not sew items for other people or why I do not vend at local events or an Etsy shop. In an effort to not be so selfish with my talent I decided to embark on making a business out of it for myself. My concept would be simple flowing knit dresses and skirts such as the ones I love to wear that have a feminine fit and feel. I was tasked with coming up with a name for my business and I only saw it fit that I give thanks to my two grandmothers and their creative spirits: Dorsey Naomi Barnette & Clara Mae Thompson. Using their middle names I decided that Naomae had a perfect ring to it. From this Naomae Stitch was born. I enjoy custom fitting garments to the individual and also mending items that you want to continue to enjoy wearing. Come see me and lets get you stitched!